2018 Results


Overall Championship Results

Position Name From Saturday Sunday Overall Weight
1st Paul Medd Peterborough 4630 1135 5765
2nd Jeff Taylor North Frodingham 815 2775 3590
3rd Chris Fisher Aldbrough 455 2950 3405

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Saturday Seniors Results

Position Name From Weight
1st Paul Medd Peterborough 4630
2nd Mike Brown Southampton 2545
3rd Martin Booth Hartlepool 2400

Saturday Pairs Results

Position  Names Combined Weight
1st Paul Medd and David Medd 4630
2nd Dave Allinson and Jeff Walker 4165
3rd Mike Brown and Dale Brenton 3645


Sunday Seniors Results

Position  Name From Weight
1st Craig Capell Hull 3075
2nd Chris Fisher Aldbrough 2950
3rd Jeff Taylor North Frodingham 2775


Sunday Team of Four Results

Position Names Combined Weight
1st Ben Laws, Andrew Cass, Matthew Garbutt, Paul Garbutt 4425
2nd Kevin Daly, Paul Abbott, Mark Smith, Eddie Gadd 2995
3rd Cheryl Robinson, Rich Wiley, Paul Robinson, Jeff Taylor 2775


Heaviest Flat Fish

Position Name From Weight
1st Kenny McCoy Sunderland 540