2014 Results

Congratulations to our 2014 overall winner Phil Harrison!

Overall Championship Results

Position Name From Saturday Sunday Overall Weight
1st Phil Harrison Great Hatfield 1300 2410 3710
2nd Phillip Tong Hull 380 3000 3380
3rd Paul Medd Scarborough 3360 0 3360


Saturday Seniors Results

Position Name From Weight
1st Paul Medd Scarborough 3360
2nd Steve Moulds Rise 2890
3rd Jed Stevens Barrow 2610


Saturday Pairs Results

Position Name Weight
1st Steve Ianson and Paul Medd 5710
2nd David Norton and Andy Whiteside 4815
3rd Garry Hutson and George Smith 4725


Sunday Seniors Results

Position Name From Weight
1st Phillip Tong Hull 3000
2nd Karl Wiepcke Goxhill 2995
3rd Mike Brockman Hull 2920


Sunday Team of Four Results

Position Names Combined Weight
1st Brett Bartram, Mick Newton, Steve Newton & Karl Wiepcke 2995
2nd Craig Beadle, Ian Beadle, Cheryl Robinson & Neil Robinson 1380
3rd Ricky Drew, Justin Hawksley, Simon Hawksley & Steve Littlewood 1170


Heaviest Flat Fish

Position Name From Weight
1st Patrick De Smet Netherlands 540