Paul Roggeman

Paul Roggeman founded the European Open Beach Championship in 1994. It is remarkable to see that a small two day beach fishing competition has grown and developed into what is today. This has been made possible by Paul's tireless hard work and dedication to make the event the success.

Paul sadly passed away in 2015 and the competition was renamed after him in 2016.

Paul's European Open tips

BE AN EARLY BIRD You will have to arrive at your chosen venue early as the popular areas will son become crowded before the start time.

BE MOBILE A venue that produces fish over low water could well be worth trying early in the match, before moving on to a high water venue.

SHORT CASTING Don't spend the whole match blasting baits out of sight as many of these beaches can produce good fish inside 100 yards.

CLIFFHANGERS Be careful when on muddy cliff, especially after rain. Many anglers have found themselves up to their waists in mud!

TRAVEL LIGHT Keep your tackle to a minimum. Venues soon become crowded and a long walk may be on the cards.

IT'S A START Remember that any sizeable fish caught on the Saturday could mean extra weight towards Sunday's big prize fund!

FRESH IS BEST There is no substitute for fresh bait. So make sure that you have a reliable supplier or, better still, why not collect your own.

RULE IT OUT Make sure that you can carry a suitable fish rule. All fish brought to the weigh-in must be above the relevant minimum sizes.

HOODED UP Avoid large hooks. Recommended sizes between 1 and 2/0 which will hold a good cod but also allow you to target smaller pieces.

AGAINST THE CLOCK Weigh-in times will be strictly adhered to, so allow sufficient time to travel back to them. Miss them and you will miss out!