Spurn Point

Spurn has been affected by severe tidal erosion. It is constantly changing and therefore the area can be very dangerous, especially for travelling anglers. Tides, strong currents and soft sand underfoot mean that it is very dangerous to enter the water on the wash over area. When the high tide comes in and recedes do not make any attempt to cross the sands until all the water has gone. Please check the reserve’s safety information displayed on site upon your arrival.

If the decision is made by the organisers to close Spurn Point due to extreme weather and/ or tidal conditions, competitors must not venture south of the wash over. Stewards will be present at Spurn to advise competitors of the closure.

Please note, dogs are not allowed on Spurn in order to protect the sensitive wildlife and habitats. There is no overnight parking/ camping allowed on the nature reserve.

There is no vehicular access to the Point – access is solely on foot, bike, or aboard the specially equipped vehicle on which Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will be running a shuttle service. Any competitor found to be using any other motorised vehicles including quad bikes and motorbikes will be disqualified from the Championship.


Spurn Point

Shuttle Bus